The Sound

April 2010

An original play about wizards.
Written by Sam Alper — Directed by Dan Rogers — Produced by Brian Williams

The SOUND played April 8th-11th, 2010 at 7pm at The 13th Street Repertory (50 West 13th Street between 5th and 6th Avenue, Manhattan).
To a full house each night!

The Plot

Following the suspicious death of their parents, Lyle, Lyle 2 and Chris must live with their uncle Claude in his creepy house. But what are all these wands doing everywhere? Isn’t this how Narnia starts? And what’s this Tom Hanks thing?  Sam Alper’s Meta-MoBetta-Wizardsgonnagetcha new play about young men, young women and whether magic can be for real in this world or not asks as these questions and more.

Our Process

The Sound was our first experiment working in the ‘For Us By Us’ – format, the process of play began in our Sunday workshops. In the fall of 2009, we lead a series of workshops leading up to our first “Monologue Night”, in which every member of the group wrote a monologue for another member that interested them at the time creatively, playing to the strengths and idiosyncrasies of that person.

We invited Sam (The Sound‘s writer) to watch these monologues performed, at once showing him the effectiveness of this way of working, as well as giving him the chance to watch everyone in the group work. Sam went back to Brown University (where he goes to school), thought about what he saw, and sent a series of interview questions to those he thought he would write for about their relationship to Magic and Fantasy.

Based on these answers, the performances he saw, and discussion, he set off to write The Sound over his winter break, and continued to edit and redraft the script through the beginning of the Spring semester. He recommended Brown alum Dan Rogers, his friend now living and working in New York to direct, and we went into rehearsal. Eventually we booked our first  off-off-Broadway space, the 13th St. Rep, to perform – and the rest is history!

The Cast & Crew

Lyle 2: Spike Carter
Claude: Alden Ehrenreich
Joan: Jade Fusco
Chris: Christopher Gebauer
Creature: Logan George
Laurel: Zoe Worth
Lyle: Nick Zaillian
with a special appearance from Justin Fischer as “Magic”

Written by Sam Alper
Directed by Dan Rogers
Produced by Brian Williams
Stage Manager: Ali Eagle
Tech Crew: Amanda Hillsberg/Justin Fischer
Lighting: Alana Jacoby
Sound: Dillon Long
Set Design: Jessica Encell and Gabi Zecchetto


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