The Lake Show

Attention all you basketball loving theater fans!

When the Los Angeles Lakers’ candy-addicted goof ball Lamar Odom was traded to the Dallas Mavericks, he fought back tears live on ESPN. His former teammate, alpha dog Kobe Bryant, acted like he didn’t even exist. Ugh, break ups are the worst. But one-act break up plays about the Lakers brought to you by The Collectin?

Come drink and see what happens with Kobe and Lamar in Chloe Searcy’s new play The Lake Show at Three Clubs on May 27th!

written by Chloe Searcy and Charlie Alderman
directed by James Gallagher
produced by Dylan Harris

The Cast

Jesse Allis
Andrew Bird
Michael Larson
Patrick Scott
Chloe Searcy
Zoe Worth


There will be two shows on Sunday May 27th, 8pm and 10pm, at 3 Clubs Cocktail Lounge. It is located at 1123 Vine Street in Hollywood. Tickets will be $5.

Buy tickets here:

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