Running Scared: The Technology Show

This fall, a small group of us Collectin kids co-created a script together called: “Running Scared: The Technology Project.”


The show will take place on Thursday 12/9 through Saturday 12/11, at 8pm, at Center Stage, NY. The theater is located at 48 21st Street, 4th Floor, between 5th and 6th Avenues in the Flatiron District.

The Production

The piece is made up of vignettes related to modern technology, and the effects it has on our relationships to others, and the world around us. As perhaps the last generation to have grown up with pen in hand, we mark an interesting transition point – full of excitement, confusion, fear and abuse. It is important to check in honestly and ask what effects being plugged into these gadgets are having on us.

We built this script from scratch together, from the ground up. To create the show, each cast member pitched their initial ideas and questions to the table, and we discussed them as a group. Each member then developed them on their own and brought them to the group for critique. We are now in the process of boiling down our material to the cream of the crop, putting final touches on the pieces on the page as we rehearse and “stitch” these pieces together with sound-scape, technical elements, and narrative transitions, into a whole.

The Cast

Alden Ehrenreich
Justin Fischer
Erin Mullin
Hudson Rhotenberry
Julia Roth
Timothy Scott
Nick Smerkanich
Heather Thiry
Zoë Worth
Nicholas Zaillian
Alex Zehetbauer

featuring writing from Jordan Alper, Sam Alper, Chris Gebauer, Paul Perez and Melanie Shaw and performances from Logan George, Maggie McDowell, Taylor Hess and Michelle Uranowitz.

Written and Directed by the Cast
Co-produced by Sara Johenning & Brian Williams
Assistant Director: Sara Johenning
Production Stage Manager: Danny Dewes
Sound Design: Dillon Long
Lighting Design: Carl Faber
Art Direction and Artwork: Emma Berliner
Production Coordinator / Head of Crew: Rachel Wenitsky
Marketing: Malory McDonald

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